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Thursday, March 29, 2007


I promise to all out there this time for sure I will keep this thing up to date...Chow For Now

Monday, December 26, 2005

For all who have never been to this place I have seen

Through all my life
Through all my strife
Can not quite be the way it was
An image distorted, a touch of fuzz

A sight not to be seen, a light that has not been
A right not as serene, a fright not to be mean

An endless journey towards what it meant
How the endless time was spent
Memories here, memories there
Not knowing doesn’t seem fair

A reflection of life incomplete, a collection of all the deceit
A perfection that cannot cheat, an affliction that cannot be beat

Distinction between what happened or not
Reality dreams seem to happen a lot
Always standing with a vision blurred
Always speaking with a bit of a slur

For all the tears that stain the day, for all the fears that pass away
For all the mirrors that reflect what may, for all the years that never stay

I speak not of some unknown disease
For this mind of mine will not appease
Like this I will be until the end
A life of fogged over reality these days I spend

For all the pain I have passed, for all that remain will not last
For all the sane it’s been a blast, for I am the stain on your past

Praying, hoping, trying to move through the haze
Even thinking is like a giant maze
The end of my punishment I can only hope is near
Much more of this is torture I cannot take; I always fear