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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Was It A Fad?

The Question of the day...Was it a fad?

The fad in question isn't just one fad or a bunch of fads, but, a collection of fads myself or others have been involved in on a certain night. Some are a little disturbing, some are just outright funny, but this writer hopes that they are just fads nonetheless.

1. Glass throwing - of course the name says pretty much everything with just two stipulations...the first beeing the glass must be full of beer...the second you must apologize to the reciever in advance without letting them know what you're about to do.

2. Pool Table Wrestling - as you probly guessed it is wrestling in a drinking establishment around or on their pool table, usually while beeing really inebriated.

3. Window Jumping - while generally being much safer than B.A.S.E. jumping it should hurt but while under the influence it eases the pain and often ends in hilarious results.

4. Drink til you can't see - basically you drink til you cant see using an assortment of methods...the 1st beeing having the waitress bring a steady stream of pitchers of beer, no less than 7 on the table at any time...the second being drink nothing but doubles...the third is to fill yourself up with shots of various alcohol, of course they have to be doubles.

5. Quarter football for drinks - simply play quater football for drinks, make your own rules here.

6. Table sleeping - while normally doing this at a drinking establishment can get you booted, when your table spends upwards $700 on normal drinks they tend let this one slid...I don't recommend doing this even then as you are then prone to being colored on or even worse...fad #8

7. House key hiding - to do this fad is basically by chance...1st you have to find a super loud drunk..then...sit them down on someone's house keys...then...not tell them they are sitting on the keys...now for the drama...ahhhhh...we forgot my keys at the bar...on the way there run a red light in front of a cop...the two drunk males then proceed to try to talk the cop into giving the female driver a ticket for anything...she of course talks her way out of it...while at the drinking establishment the drunk then proceeds to find the keys leading to fad #3..or fad #9

8. Lap dance for the drunk - ya...just find one bored drunk and one passed out drunk, both males...have the bored drunk perform the lap dance...of course not being able to wake the drunk bored then proceeds to A: draw all over the drunk...or...B: start licking the drunk then proceeding to stick his toungue down the drunks throat...stipulations...the two males must be heterosexual(makes it funnier) and you can't tell the drunk it happened until two days later.

9. Pee on the bar - basically all you do here is when the bar is closed you pee on their steps.

10. Dancing to country - I don't ever recommend this for the obvious mental issues.

As you see hopefully most of these are a fad that has already passed, and that one fad can't exist solely on its own. I definitly don't recommend these to anyone and if you do experience one or all of these it will take approximatly 3 days to fully recuperate but man, was it ever fun.


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