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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Post For The Ages....

Hmmm....how do I make a post about possibly one of the coolest games ever?

Recently at a random day a work I found myself calling out for extra resources, I then proceeded to call out for reinforcements. After this little laughable incident I decided it was time for me to take a break from this wonderful game which momentarily takes you away from reality, kind of like a really good movie does. While on this self initiated break I found myself sleeping more, feeling more energetic, and just all around better physically and mentally. Then after about 3 days I found myself come over with these weird feelings of guilt, depression, and just emptiness when it dawned on me that quitting the game was like losing a best friend or something to that effect. So I had to pick up the ol' keyboard and get back in the saddle never to turn back again. Okay...you got me...this didn't happen I actualy haven't taken a break yet...play once a day to keep my senses in tune.

All kidding aside Age of Mythology is a game that can be applied to everyday life if you think about it clearly in business terms: strategy-knowing when to go after the competition, not too early and definitly not too late. :teamwork-every business ALWAYS says they're business is built on teamwork and a good product but rarely is it ever actually that way they just say it is, the key is learning how to put that plan into action making your company stronger than the rest. :skepticism-when someone taunts you don't believe them, just like every day of everybody's life someone will taunt and don't believe them.

Anyways the real point of this post is that if you havn't tried Age of Mythology I strongly suggest you do, NOW! It follows a great line of civilization predecessors like Starcraft, Sim City, Red Alert and lets not forget Age of Empires which is a direct descendant of Age of Mythology. While purchasing AOM also get the Titans expansion pack with it, sooo worth it. Peace out and happy playing.


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